Pilgrim recognizes the need for developmentally appropriate technology to fully empower learning, while still keeping in mind that interaction between a student and teacher is the most important component of education.

We are committed to integrating technology throughout our academic program to provide students with skills that will benefit them in high school, college, and beyond. Our gradual shift from legacy textbooks and learning materials to e-books and educational applications provides our students with a richer learning experience that caters to various learning styles, while allowing us to utilize the most up to the minute and relevant materials.

Technology in the Curriculum

  • Age appropriate iPad based learning complements our traditional curriculum in classrooms grades K3-K5.
  • Our 1:1 iPad Program in grades 1-4 engages students through vocabulary and fluency, video book reports, e-books, and much more.
  • Students in grades 5-8 use Google Apps, which provide faculty and students access to thousands of free educational apps, allow collaboration among students in real time, and students and teachers to be connected from anywhere. Our 1:1 Google Chromebooks provide ease of access to Google Apps as well as many other web based tools and resources.
  • Interactive whiteboards, used in all classrooms, allow teachers to bring lessons to life using animations or videos, graphics and other demonstrations.