Pilgrim Lutheran Preschool and Childcare Fees and Tuition*


Registration Fee: $50.00/1 child; $70.00/2 children; $90.00/3+ children

This is a yearly fee paid at the time of enrollment and at the start of each subsequent school year.  Enrollment fees are paid by any family attending Pilgrim Lutheran Preschool, Summer Care Program, or before/after school program.

Preschool Only Contract (Sep. – May 8:30-11:30)

Includes Preschool Program and AM snack.  Students may not arrive before 8:15 or be left past 11:45 AM.

 Program  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
2 Day/Week Program* $136.00/month $148.00/month
3 Day/Week Program $195.00 $215.00
4 Day/Week Program $258.00 $283.00
5 Day/Week Program $319.00 $341.00

*2 day for K3 only

Childcare Part-Time Contract (Sept. – May)

Includes Preschool Program (8:30-11:30), AM snack and up to two additional hours.  Anything over 5 hours will automatically be billed a full day rate.

 Program  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
Part-Time Childcare $30.00/day $34.00/day

Childcare Full-Time Contract (Sept. – May)

Includes Preschool Program, AM & PM snack and milk for lunch.  Any child attending over 5 hours/day would be considered a full time contract.

 Program  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
Full-Time Childcare $46.00/day or $190.00/week* $50.00/day or $205.00/week*

*The per/week discount only applies to children attending all five days

School Age Contract (Sept. – May) Includes before and/or after school care and PM snack.

 Program  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
Before/After School Care $6.40/hour $7.75/hour

Summer Care Program

 Program  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
Full Day (over 5 hours/day) $46.00 $49.00
Half Day(5 hours or less/day) $30.00 $34.00
Week (5 full days) $190.00 $205.00

Field trips may require an extra fee.

10% discount for second child

(discount only applies to those families using childcare 3 or more days/week)

*revised 1/2019

Registration Forms

Preschool Application Letter

Registration Form 2019-20

Health History & Emergency Care Plan Form

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